Framing Stories

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I have had eight or ten things framed at the Nevada City Picture Framing. Katy Anderson, the owner, and Her assistant, Lisa, are absolutely delightful ladies. They are very happy and eager to help you find exactly what you want, and also very lovely about letting you have all the. Time you want to dig through their abundant inventory of superb. Framing products. Everything I have had framed there has turned out superbly!

–Betty Nance


All art – whether your grandchild’s gift or a gallery purchase – should be matted and framed to honor the piece and work in harmony with your decor, each enhancing the other.

Nevada City Picture Framing can do all that. The end result far exceeds the small extra cost.

–Robin Denegri

Melissa Hannebrink Painting

This beautiful item was painted for me by a client and it brightens up my living room (and my life!).

Katy and Lisa are the best!!


Papyrus and Pine

It looks fabulous – Thank you! !

–Paul Kawasaki

Smiles and Frames
I framed this print because it was given to me as a housewarming present and I wanted to set it off and draw attention to the artwork.
I love the staff here. They are outgoing, friendly, and have a spot-on recommendation for creating beautiful artwork.

–Anna Jerome


“Because! Great art looks better than the a piece of paper on the wall.”

–Krissy, Sam and Stormy


“This is a photo of my father in Egypt during WWII. He’s on a camel in front of a pyramid. It has great sentimental meaning.  The ladies here are helpful, professional, and work with your budget. The finished product is always exceptional.”

–Carol Bader